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Changing of the Guard Party

At tonight's board meeting at Lui's big red barn we talked about the fun that is going to be had at the 2013 Changing of the Guard Party. It's scheduled to be at Alan Havir's house on June 29th. We're going to invite a few other clubs to make it a group networking event.

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Social Networking, Live!

In this internet day and computer age getting together to network has been replaced by getting online to network. Liking and friending has seemed to replaced meeting, it's not as healthy, or fun. The PV Rotary Club has decided to get back to the basic.

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Delivering Food Baskets

It's that time of year again when our club partners with Fry's Food Stores to deliver food boxes to needy families.

This year we have $2,000 worth of grocery staples going to 24 families in need.

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Rotary Christmas Party 2012!

Instead of sitting back and waiting for someone to trip over us, I thought I would write a quick post to speak up and let everyone know that our club is looking for a specific new member. This isn't your typical we want younger members post that you may see at other Rotary club websites. We don't care how old this particular member is. Nor do we care what they do for a profession, although I'm guessing someone in communications might be interested. We're looking for a new member that is tech-savvy!

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