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My Rotary Story

I moved back to Phoenix and Lui, my grandfather, proudly says to me, "I'm glad you moved back to Phoenix and joined the Rotary Club!" I respond skeptically... "what's the rotary club?" He says, "Don't worry about it we'll see you on Wednesday at lunch." He's my grandpa, I listened.

I walk into a back room at El Charro's Mexican Restaurant off Lincoln Dr in Paradise Valley. There are 5 or 6 round tables all with a few open seats, a podium at the front with an attached microphone, and hundreds of banners that looked like they were from around the world. This was going to be new.

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The PV Rotary Club 2013-2014

President Alan Havir has put together a great summary of our club's Board of Directors, Charities, Fund Raising Projects and Social Events.


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PV Rotary on Facebook

Have you seen the PV Rotary facebook page? That's right, even though we're promoting in-person networking with our Social Networking, Live! events, we're also understanding that people love to connect online as well.

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Searching For A Specific New Member

Instead of sitting back and waiting for someone to trip over us, I thought I would write a quick post to speak up and let everyone know that our club is looking for a specific new member. This isn't your typical we want younger members post that you may see at other Rotary club websites. We don't care how old this particular member is. Nor do we care what they do for a profession, although I'm guessing someone in communications might be interested. We're looking for a new member that is tech-savvy!

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